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Can't Leave Home Without It Cosmetics

I finally got around to making another blog post and decided to venture into the unknown world of vlogging (video blogging). I must admit I am pleased with my attempt however the video quality could be much better. Some fooling around with lighting etc will ensure much better videos to come.

Anyway, here it is: Around the World in 80 Years' first video. My good friend Christina at Polishes and Pleasantries  posted a while back about the top 10 makeup bag/cosmetic essentials she could not do without if her collection was pared down. At the end of her post she requested response blogs. So to fit with the theme of my own blog, I got to work and carefully chose my MUST HAVE travel bag cosmetics. Now I certainly exceeded 10 (I actually did not count but feel free while you watch the video) but these are what I must take with me when I go. I would love to hear what products you love and have saved you in a pinch.

Below the video, I have included images of all the products I mention because the clarity of the video is not fabulous and it is also reversed making all the writing backwards. So without further adieu here is my video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 


These are the bags I used. The large green bag is a Garnier product while the smaller see through back and quilted floral bag are random makeup bags I've acquired. I do not take all three bags with me when I travel but depending on my destination I usually choose two. One to hold everything while in my room and another to take daytime essentials along with me. I really like a clear bag to reduce any potential struggles with security. 

Small size shampoos are essential for me since most hair care products come in large packaging. Pantene, and I'm sure most companies, make nice travel size shampoo and conditioner. Another option is a combined shampoo conditioner in one product, however with my thick hair this does not work as well. 

I really cannot say enough about Burt's Bees products. I love that they are cruelty free and made with natural ingredients. This deep pore scrub smells subtle and lovely and exfoliates very well while being gentle enough to use daily. 

After exfoliating, I like to use Burt's Bees' Radiance Day Creme with Royal Jelly. As the name states, this cream is very jelly like and really feels like it is providing you the extra moisture you need. The one draw back of this product is that it is quite fragrant (by today's standards). With a light application I am able to overlook this however because it really is a skin saver. 

For the shower I like to bring my own body wash and lotion with me, even though most hotels will provide these along with shampoo. I never know what brand the hotel is going to use, how it will react with my skin, and the ethics of the company. Burt's Bees scores big once again with the Extra Energizing Citrus and Ginger Root Body Wash and Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. The body wash smells earthy and really does seem to energize your senses (maybe you can even skip the icky hotel in room coffee). The moisturizer goes on light and absorbs quickly, especially soothing on a sunburn. The moisturizer has essentially no scent which is great after the face cream, shampoo, and body wash. No need to smell like an entire fruit basket. 

This product is a must have for a long flight. Clinique's All About Eyes Serum reduces puffiness and cools underneath your eyes ensuring you appear fresh as a daisy and well rested. You may even be able to trick yourself. With a roll on applicator and clear solution, you won't even have to climb over the person next to you to make your way to the bathroom for an application. Simply roll on lightly underneath your eyes as you are approaching your destination and you are ready for the paparazzi surely awaiting your arrival.

Walking is a large part of my vacation as I try to avoid the expense of taxis etc (more moola for yummy treats). With all this walking I am going to get blisters and tired tootsies no matter how sensible my shoes are. Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme smells like a beach vacation and is a great way to pamper your feet at the end of an amazing but long day. For added benefit apply generously and slip on a pair of cotton socks for bed time. You will wake up with well moisturized toes and ready for another day of sightseeing.

I definitely do not like surprises with my morning routine, especially when I just want to get out the door to go visit some ruins or knock off bag shopping on Canal Street. I always bring along my boring old trusty foundation. No cutesy small bottles with this one (unless you get a reusable teensy container like I mention in the video). This foundation is by Maybelline and it acts just like a tinted moisturizer. It goes on very light and smooth and smooths out my sometimes blotchy skin tone perfectly. If you are likely to tan on vacation (which you could even do on an Alaskan cruise) you might want to opt for a shade darker than your usual base. This way as your skin darkens you will not end up looking washed out in all of your photos. 

Just about everything I take with me has to be multipurpose from clothes to makeup to shoes (well maybe not the shoes). So because of this I like to take the minimal amount of eye makeup to cover all my bases. Avon makes small eyeliner pencils in a range of great colours. Personally I like a blue that will transfer well from daytime to night. I tend to find a black too harsh for a kicked back relaxing day on the beach, while a blue is fun and will add drama at night. To kick it up a notch I love love love MAC's glitter eye liner. A small brush applicator makes it very easy to add just a touch of this white based glitter to the outside corner of the eyes that will really catch the sun or a disco ball. 

I am not a big shadow user but I do like a this pink/purple palette from Clinique. I believe this palette came as a freebie with the purchase of some skin care products and has made it into my greatest hits. The pink is light and twinkly enough to use as a highlighter for the entire lid up to the brow and the various purples tend to go with everything. I love that it includes a dark purple for a smokey eye and a twinkly purple for some punch. 

The concealer is also made by Clinique and is perfect for covering up the darkness under my eyes as well as any redness from a sunburn or too many coconut rums :) It is creamy and doesn't gunk up. I love these itsy bitsy products and never compromise on taking them with me. 

Since I am not a lipstick wearer, I cant stand the feeling, I love a tinted gloss. The gloss I am digging right now is Pomegranate Bubbly by Philosophy and part of the 2011 Christmas collection which was available at Sephora. With a slight red tint and lovely twinkle, this gloss moisturizes my lips and adds a little colour. The drawback to this product is a lack of SPF. By using an SPF chapstick and then applying the gloss you can get the benefit of both. However, I tend to just use the gloss. 

Incase you were wondering, the polish I am wearing in these photos is Warm and Fozzie from OPI's Muppets mini collection. 

Recently my nail polish collection has grown exponentially and I will definitely be travelling with a mini bottle from now on. I recommend either a light neutral such as this taupe polish on the right called Don't Feed the Hand Models from Sephora by OPI's Safari Luxe mini collection or the silver with red flecks on the left which is Designer, de Better from OPI's Muppet mini collection. A polish which requires minimal touch ups, provides a finished but not too dramatic look, and I can wear throughout my trip is the ideal choice. I love the small bottles available from many popular brands including OPI and Deborah Lipmann. Check out Christina's blog Polishes and Pleasantries for everything you need to know about nail polish.

Finally, I bring along a small mirror because my makeup compacts do not include one, and if they did I know it would be too small and covered in makeup dust. I love this small mirror because it has a cute design on the front which has a nice sparkle and folds open. I probably purchased this at a drug store or dollar store but I have had it for ages and cannot remember. Because of this mirror I have avoided crawling over people on the airplane to take a quick peek at the state of my face on a long plane ride.

As you can see there are two mirrors inside. One is the normal everyday reflection that works just fine and the other is the high def too close for comfort mirror that I avoid looking at at all costs. 

So there you have it a run down of my must have products on vacation. I would love to hear what you take with you and what you prefer to leave at home.

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